Analog Devices

Advertisements, featuring 3D package illustrations, designed for print and the web for Analog Devices products and solutions.
Small selection of 3D renderings of microchip packaging created with Blender.
This collection of laptop stickers was created for the Social Media team at Analog Devices as a give away during the company wide general conference.

As a designer at Analog Devices, a large microchip manufacturer and technology solutions provider, I've had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects while following ADI's strict branding guidelines. Projects vary from PR graphics, that publicize ADI's products, solutions, and partnerships; product highlights and brochures, that are produced for the web and print; technical articles and illustrations; publication design for ADI's technical magazine Analog Dialogue, the longest running in-house publication in the electronics industry; and 3D renderings of part illustrations. I currently manage the html and OFT newsletter program, directing a team of designers on the design and production of newsletters promoting new products in each market, invitations to trade show demonstrations, and promotion of partnerships and tools.